Placing investors at the heart of our business, we provide valued unit trust investment solutions for a wide spectrum of financial needs.

Formed in 2011, Guardian Acuity Asset Management Ltd (GAAM) provides periodic and medium to long-term unit trust solutions to a variety of investors. We bring in the expertise of our joint venture partners Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust PLC who claims a proud heritage in the fund management business and Acuity Partners (PVT) Ltd with their partner network and reach. We are an authorised unit trust management company, accredited by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Sri Lanka, holding licenses for three unit trust funds. Offering a variety of investment plans that cater to the needs of high net worth individuals, corporate investors, regular savers and senior citizens, GAAM aspires to be your preferred partner in specialized unit trust investments.

Our excellence is led by what we believe;
  • Clients and their Trust in us are paramount
  • Honest and transparent communications
  • Ethical and Professional Standards in business
Our parent companies and their long standing presence in the financial services industry, impart these values to us in all aspects of our operations.

Why Invest With Us

Professional Management

Your money will be in professional hands that apply its years of expertise in finding the best investment solution to secure your future. Investment opportunities will be carefully evaluated to assess risks and returns.

Time Saved

Since your investment is carefully monitored by our fund management team, you don’t have to spend time tracking it yourself, making decisions periodically and implementing them. It’s all automatically managed.

Flexibility and easy access

Swift service in getting your money in and out of the fund at any given time through any banking network, with just a day’s notice.


Be part of a substantial fund at a low cost to enjoy returns of high value high yield instruments.


Get the massive benefit of diversifying your risks and claiming ownership of a wide variety of high yield equity and fixed income instruments at a low cost.

Tax Free Returns

All investors can enjoy tax -free returns for their investments