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All details are intended purely for information purposes and on no account may the information supplied be construed as investment recommendations. Interested persons should consult a qualified specialist before taking investment decisions. Investors should seek independent professional advice to ascertain (a) the possible tax consequences (b) the impact on your financial position (c) the legal requirements and (d) any foreign exchange transactions or exchange control requirements they may encounter under the laws of the countries of their citizenship, residence, domicile and Sri Lankan Law which may be relevant to the subscription, holding or disposal of Units. The information on this website is not intended for persons subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits access to or publication of this website (based on the person's citizenship or domicile, or for other reasons). Persons subject to local restrictions of this type must refrain from accessing this website. Any information given, representations made, or opinions expressed otherwise by any person may not be relied upon as having been authorised by the Funds, the Trustees, or the Manager.
Non - Qualified Persons
As per the respective Explanatory Memorandum Units offered shall not be purchased or held by or for the benefit of any Non-Qualified Person (as defined in the Explanatory Memorandum) at any time. Therefore we advise you to peruse these criteria before investing.
Guardian Acuity Equity Fund
Investors should be aware that the Fund's investments will be subject to changes in prices of equity investments from time to time. As such the ability of the Fund to achieve its investment objectives will depend on the performance of the equity market, interest rate environment and overall economy. The Unit price of the Fund can increase as well as decrease depending on the performance of its investments.

Trading on the stock exchange as a whole is subject to the level of liquidity of the market, which at times could be low especially if faced with volatility due to external developments. This liquidity situation may inhibit the Fund's ability to obtain shares in quantity without having a marked effect on the shares' market price and may further prevent the Fund from being able to liquidate a position at the prevailing market price.
Guardian Acuity Money Market Fund
The ability of the Fund to achieve its investment objectives will depend on the interest rate environment and the performance of the economy. The dividend paid and unit price of the Fund can increase as well as decrease depending on interest rate fluctuations in the market. The Fund is subject to interest rate risk, liquidity risk and default risk described in its Explanatory Memorandum.
Distribution of the Funds
Currently the Funds are distributed through a select number of branches of Hatton National Bank. However investors should be informed that Hatton National Bank does not undertake any liability on the repayment of monies invested and that the funds are subjected to the management of Guardian Acuity Asset Management Limited.