Investment Insights

Investing is the art of revitalizing your future and it is never an easy choice in the modern era of a wide spectrum of savings and investment vehicles to choose from. Making the right decision about which will be the most appropriate investment tool for you means understanding your personal circumstances and preferences. Unit Trusts make life easy for you by offering a versatile investment vehicle that covers multiple asset classes.

1. What is a unit trust?
A unit trust is a collective investment option which pools together all the contributions made by many investors into one account with a common investment objective. The funds are then used to purchase a portfolio of financial securities. In exchange for the contributions, the unit trust issues units to the investors where each individual unit will be priced based on the underlying assets of the corresponding fund.
2. Why Invest in Unit Trusts?
  1. It’s a cost - effective method of entering the professional investing world
  2. A simple, transparent product that can be shaped according to your need
  3. Instant liquidity - Gives complete flexibility in subscription/redemption without sacrificing the yield
  4. A tax free return you can completely own

3. Who can invest in Unit Trusts?
  1. Citizens of Sri Lanka residing in Sri Lanka and are above 18 years of age
  2. Companies, Corporations or Institutions domiciled in Sri Lanka
  3. Approved Provident Funds and Contributory Pension Schemes domiciled in Sri Lanka
  4. For Non residents of Sri Lanka, companies with limited liability or bodies corporate established or incorporated outside Sri Lanka, may apply for units subject to the general or special permission of the Controller of Exchange of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Commission, subject to any terms and conditions of such permission if any.

Choosing Your Ideal Investment Plan

The first stepping-stone in investing is to identify your financial goals, limitations and attitude for risk

How to Invest With Us

  1. Submit an application for subscription to Guardian Acuity Asset Management Ltd, Trustee Deutsche Bank AG or any designated office of HNB or any other authorized distributor of the fund
  2. Payments to be made by bank draft or cheques crossed “A/C payee only” payable to “Guardian Acuity Asset Management Limited” as below.

  3. Account Name Account No Bank Branch Comments
    002010553053 Hatton National Bank City Office branch (Payments can be made at any HNB branch)
    1030026486 Commercial Bank Foreign Branch  
    001001023180 DFCC Bank PLC W A D Ramanayake Mawatha  
    100060007321 Nations Trust Bank Corporate Branch  
    001210009139 Sampath Bank Chatham Street Branch  

  4. Units will be credited to your account within 24 hours
*In the case of cheque deposits, units will be created the day that the cheque is realized .