Choosing Your Ideal Investment Plan

The first stepping-stone in investing is to identify your financial goals, limitations and attitude for risk

How to Invest With Us

  1. Submit an application for subscription to Guardian Acuity Asset Management Ltd, Trustee Deutsche Bank AG or any designated office of HNB or any other authorized distributor of the fund
  2. Payments to be made by bank draft or cheques crossed “A/C payee only” payable to “Guardian Acuity Asset Management Limited” A/C No. 002010553053, Hatton National Bank, City Office branch. (Payments can be made at any HNB branch), A/C No. 1030026486, Commercial Bank, Foreign Branch, or in A/C No. 001001023180, DFCC Bank PLC, W A D Ramanayake Mawatha.
  3. Units will be credited to your account within 24 hours
*In the case of cheque deposits, units will be created the day that the cheque is realized .